Edward Kroger

The Philosophy of One Divide® and Theory of Emotional Warfare®

Understanding Human Conflict to Build Human Unity

One Divide® was founded as an educational and philosophical-psychology platform centered in cognitive science to help individuals find independent emotional freedom and security by learning about the theory of Emotional Warfare — a theory centered on human conflict and human unity that can be universally applied, allowing people to attain advanced levels of self-expertise, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence. From there, students of the platform can participate meaningfully in their societal groups while elevating the collective consciousness of those around them.

Through the principles of the Philosophy of One Divide® and by gaining an awareness and explicit understanding of Emotional Warfare, you can strive toward your most fulfilling life and most effective self while achieving security in freedom — the balance we all need to live peacefully and interact respectfully and honestly with the people in our lives.

The Philosophy of One Divide — professionally and academically endorsed by leading scholars and experts in the field — was established to provide a comprehensive analytical philosophy and psychopathology framework and an educational platform addressing how to release oneself from the interplay of Emotional Warfare and find, defend, and protect one’s independent emotional freedom, accomplished by removing oneself from the gamification of identity that prevails in society and stems from the interplay of Emotional Warfare. It provides a way to end the obsession with Perceived Security and the paradox of security versus freedom that affects everyday life and the overall human experience through mastering the interplay of Emotional Warfare®.

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“A revolutionary new way to
conceptualize mental health and disorder.”

For over twenty years, I have devoted my professional life to the academic and practical aspects of psychology and psychotherapy. These fields are enormously fragmented and varied in how they understand the human condition, psychopathology, and adaptive change processes. As such, I have worked to develop a more coherent and unified vision of both the science of psychology and the practice of psychotherapy. Several months ago, I encountered Edward Kroger’s Philosophy of One Divide and Theory of Emotional Warfare, resulting in a remarkable realization. Although our vocabularies were different, we clearly have been staring at two sides of the same coin!

Kroger’s map of the Anatomy of Emotional Warfare, his analysis of the development of the False Self relative to the True Self, and his systematic platform for fostering pattern recognition, acceptance, and pathways to reverse destructive cycles toward emotional peace and freedom are simultaneously elegant, clear, deep, and immensely useful in generating authentic change. I truly believe that Emotional Warfare and his approach to closing the One (emotional) Divide represents a powerful and revolutionary new way to conceptualize human conflict and mental disorder, one that is highly consistent with modern theory and practice in both psychology and psychotherapy. If you are interested in learning about your own patterns of Emotional Warfare or those of others, I highly recommend this platform. It is one that my doctoral students and I will be using for many years to come.

Dr. Gregg Henriques Dr. Gregg Henriques is Professor of Graduate Psychology at James Madison University, and core faculty in the C-I Clinical-School Psychology Doctoral Program. He is a leading scholar on the unification of psychology and psychotherapy and author of the book, A New Unified Theory of Psychology. He is also a regular blogger on Psychology Today (Theory of Knowledge). He has expertise in depression, anxiety, personality disorders, relationship conflicts, character and well-being, mindfulness, and integrative psychotherapy for adults. He is a licensed clinical psychologist in Virginia.

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Philosophy, Theory, & Practice

Designed to benefit humanity by providing objective intelligence about intra- and interpersonal human conflict and how to achieve human unity through new behavior-pattern identification and processing and pattern recognition of Emotional Warfare and its interplay.

The Philosophy of One Divide® provides an advanced method and behavior model that allows you to find independent emotional freedom and security while not relying on the terminology of self-help.

Statements about human behavior, general or broad, should only be accepted when they capture a phenomenon of behavior that can not only be described but can become observable to others. The main work of the Philosophy of One Divide exemplifies this, as the behavioral phenomena resulting from Emotional Warfare and its Patterns are not only defined but also made observable, for the purposes of True Self Help — that is, helping your True Self.

One Divide’s Dual-Transactional Behavior Model (DTBM) is a specifically designed pattern-seeking device that produces a set of behavioral analytics, detecting both the internal and the outward Patterns of Emotional Warfare that construct recognizable forms of interplay. These inwardly driven, outwardly manifested transactions occur in a stimulus-response interplay:

The inward Pattern of Emotional Warfare and an outward transactional stimulus from one individual (person 1) elicit a specific emotional (transactional) response from another individual (person 2); this response in turn becomes a new stimulus for person 1. Once it begins, the interplay’s resulting sequence is highly predictable, provided the characteristics and gradient scale of the people’s Emotion-Based Survival Skills (EBSS) are known. These two primary positions provide all individuals with a behavioral “blueprint” to the unique False Self Roles they take or desire to take during any and all transactions.

Dual Transactional Behavior Model

The False Self of an individual, while engaging in Emotional Warfare, uses a Role created for itself to manipulate and maneuver in a transaction or interaction. A False Self will use a Role in every interaction and relationship, from a chance encounter to a primary intimate relationship. It is in these Role-to-Role interactions with another or others that the interplay of the Patterns of Emotional Warfare can actually be seen taking place.

Thus, the Philosophy of One Divide’s dual-transactional analytics is built on structural analytics. This provides the foundation for One Divide’s Education and Technological AI Platform.

Inward Emotional Warfare®
Outward Emotional Warfare®
Interplay of Emotional Warfare®

Ultimately, by using these analytics to get to the root of negative human behaviors, One Divide aims to help create a unified, elevated state of collective consciousness within the human race — true ONEness — through new behavior-pattern awareness that can be applied to a multitude of behavioral phenomena, including intra- and interpersonal agreement and disagreement modeling and person-to-person navigation techniques.

The landscape of life is ever changing. Those who adapt, gain crucial social skills and learn about Emotional Warfare rather than conform to the interplay of its Patterns will succeed — both personally and professionally. This evolutionary adaptability is not only a vital part of our physical and emotional survival, but an absolute necessity in today’s emotion-based world, and is required to ensure that our forward progress creates meaningful change within humanity — both individually and collectively.

One Divide’s strength is the fusion of philosophical and theoretical principles with practice — leading not only to practical knowledge through the “learning-by-doing” approach but also to advanced levels of self-expertise, emotional intelligence and social intelligence.

One Divide’s educational platform is suited for individuals who are self-motivated and looking to be engaged participants — and agents of meaningful change — within their personal and professional dynamics. This type of motivation allows One Divide’s Method to act as intended, as a universal individual education plan (UIEP): universally applicable while simultaneously completely personalized, so each individual can master his or her unique interplay of Emotional Warfare.

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Emotional Warfare® Essays

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VOL. 1

Human Conflict and Human Unity

Groundwork to a New Philosophical-Psychology Platform Centered on a Functional Theory of Emotional Warfare

— The Philosophy of One Divide —
Original Foundational Framework
& Philosophical Literature

An assessment and analytical overview of human nature and human psychology

“New, provocative way to look at the underpinnings of human behavior”

There is a special delight in discovering a new way of looking at something familiar, such as seeing the two faces in the silhouette of a vase, or puzzling through Schrödinger's thought experiment about a box containing a cat that is both alive and dead. Edward Kroger gives us that kind of new, provocative way to look at the underpinnings of human behavior – both individual and social – in his “One Divide” writings on what he terms “emotional warfare.”

His thesis both builds upon traditional notions about philosophy and psychology and takes a fresh and novel approach to the continuing puzzle of what makes us tick. He challenges us with questions about the sources of autonomy, discord and morality, and whether we really desire peace, equality and manipulation-free relationships.

Mr. Kroger then steps beyond his explorations of the foundational reasons for how we interact, to offer a set of practical, hands-on precepts, tools and strategies for improving those interactions and reducing human conflict. Not surprisingly, his approach has attracted serious attention from professionals struggling to find ways to understand and ameliorate antisocial behavior.

His work is not for the casual browser, but it is well worth the time and attention it requires.

Alexander Auerbach Alexander Auerbach is a communications consultant and journalist. Formerly with the Los Angeles Times and Boston Globe, Mr. Auerbach now advises corporate clients and is the publisher of “The Profit Chain,” an online business magazine.

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