Edward Kroger

The Philosophy of One Divide® and Theory of Emotional Warfare®

Human Conflict and Human Unity

The emergence of an advanced new human transformation system

The Philosophy of One Divide — professionally and academically endorsed by leading scholars and experts in the field — was established to provide an analytical and practical philosophy, and philosophy of psychology, that ultimately captures a systematic approach to metaphysics and philosophy, bridging between naturalistic accounts and moral living. It establishes a path from metaphysical concepts to clinical application, helping the practitioner to understand the notions of agency and efficacy, and introducing a contemporary — and contemplative based — conception of the True Self state of being and the False Self disorder.

One Divide’s philosophical premise clarifies the nature of human division and conflict and psychological disunity through a completed and functional theory of Emotional Warfare — providing a universal educational and psycho-technological platform and language system for human transformation and evolutionary optimization that works in both objective diagnostic medical frameworks and nondiagnostic frameworks.

The One Divide / Emotional Warfare Platform

The Realities of Behavioral Phenomena

Through synthesizing academic approaches and common knowledge born of human experience, using a categorically inspired language system, the Philosophy of One Divide uniquely articulates human transformation potential and optimization through a critical overview of human nature and human psychology. This provides a comprehensive framework that captures the realities of behavioral phenomena informed by the deterministic mechanics of Emotional Warfare and the interplay of its Pattern(s).

This framework explores and reveals the nonsubjective, nonexperiential self, examining universal and evolutionary behavioral principles through a first-person practical, philosophical and psychological perspective, yielding conceptual clarity. It utilizes education as a means of intra- and interpersonal, assisted or unassisted intervention through a synergized platform for philosophy, theory and practice that applies to mental health and mental illness, including both nonpsychotic and psychotic afflictions, advancing traditional platforms and psychologies (including social and humanistic) while remaining consistent with modern theory and practice in both philosophy and psychology.

The presence of Emotional Warfare affects every interaction in life and every person’s mental health or fitness. It is fundamental to the human condition and the overall human experience. The Philosophy of One Divide and theory of Emotional Warfare, inextricably linked, offer a comprehensive psychopathology framework and a psycho-educational platform addressing:

Interplay of Emotional Warfare

Release oneself from the interplay of Emotional Warfare both within the self (i.e., intrapsychic) and in interactions with others (i.e., interpersonal or intersubjective).

Gamification of Identity

Find, defend, and protect one’s independent emotional freedom, removing oneself from the gamification of identity that prevails in society and stems from Emotional Warfare’s perennial manifestations.


Attain advanced levels advanced self-expertise, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence, combining to form an intuitive abstract intelligence. This form of intelligence lends itself to increased autonomy and conscious self-governing within a neo-Kantian behavior-based moral model, actualized and optimized through habitual application.

Choice-Based Human Agency

Gain an awareness and explicit understanding of Emotional Warfare and the interplay of its Pattern(s) and simultaneous ability to learn about and improve one’s “self” in a way that can be practiced and to actively participate on a meaningful level in the community (i.e., adding or generating social value), ultimately creating a broad, widespread, choice-based human agency that not only increases overall societal health but moves society toward a unified, elevated state of collective consciousness.

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“A Critical Contribution to Understanding Mental Health & Illness”

I have accumulated 70+ years of life experience and have studied the human condition for the past 5 decades. It is my professional opinion that Edward Kroger’s One Divide Philosophy — and his Theory of Emotional Warfare — addresses important and outstanding questions and problems in our understanding of both adaptive and maladaptive human behaviors. Importantly, the claims made by the philosophy are rational and evaluable and these insights are consistent with current psychological knowledge and theories of and about human conduct.

Kroger’s philosophical contribution provides some powerful clues about the nature of both mental health and mental illness — two concepts which remain to this day poorly defined and understood. Commonly, these are practically and ineffectively defined with respect to one another. That is, mental health is the condition when one does not harbor mental illness, whilst mental illness is when one is not mentally healthy. As a result, we have limited useful insight as to how and why behavioral disorders arise (and are best treated) and only dim comprehension of how we may achieve, maintain, and characterize mental health.

The One Divide Philosophy and Theory of Emotional Warfare, on the other hand, recognizes maladaptive and abnormal mental dysfunctions (i.e., mental illnesses) which exist on the basis of brains that don’t work effectively (i.e., “broken brains” and most psychoses) and those where functionally effective brains aren’t used effectively (i.e., “intact brains” and the neuroses). Crucially, Kroger’s philosophy applies to both non-psychotic and psychotic afflictions! Interestingly, this perspective is shared by the Clinical Psychology Division of the British Psychological Association’s Power Threat Meaning Framework, a product of an entirely different group operating a continent and an ocean distant from Edward Kroger. Which implies that multiple persons are coming to identical, or at least similar, conclusions.

In sum, the One Divide Philosophy and Theory of Emotional Warfare deserves serious attention from those who care for and about the mentally afflicted, whether they be academically, theoretically and philosophically, or therapeutically inclined.

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Waldemar A. Schmidt, PHD, MD Professor Emeritus
Oregon Health and Science University

Philosophy, Theory, & Practice

The One Divide / Emotional Warfare Platform

One Divide Philosophy and Theory

True Self-Examination

The meta-theoretical framework, and "observational gap" provided by the metaphor of the One Divide

True self-examination also means addressing how to develop, decipher, or choose between the multiplying individualized cognitive mental models and representations or intrapersonal algorithms being generated, shaping the individual and collective perception of reality, reasoning, and problem-solving approaches and informing various educational platforms and metacognitive styles that explore the self, identity, and society. Of importance regarding this specific topic, in One Divide’s meta-theoretical framework, an “observational gap” is provided by the metaphor of the One Divide, allowing for enhanced metacognition moves (e.g., providing both the narrow and broad-view lenses necessary for intellectual exploration, emotional growth, and spiritual development) — especially when conceptualizing and delineating abstract or metaphysical notions of self, scientific mechanisms of human neurophysiological or biological functions, epistemological or ontological conceptions of being and/or identity, expansive views that contain the sociopolitical nuances of human nature and the social architecture of the human species, and broadly the ideals central to humanity.

One Divide’s Cognitive Science

Positioning and Underpinning

One Divide’s synergized platform for philosophy, theory and practice is designed to benefit humanity by providing objective intelligence about intra- and interpersonal human conflict and how to achieve human unity through new behavior-pattern identification and pattern recognition of Emotional Warfare: a universal psycho-educational (and psycho-technological) platform and unified methodology — centered within cognitive science — for the reduction of Emotional Warfare and for building authentic generativity through an advancement in understanding of the False Self disorder and a contemporary view of the True Self state of being.

One Divide’s cognitive science positioning and underpinning, is (in part) based on a contemporary blend that involves: (1) an understanding of how synapsis undergo change due to experiences, affecting unconscious neural processes, and (2) retaining, to a degree, the significant influence of Freud and Jung's work on the unconscious.

Algorithmically centered on the human person’s innate ability to attain advanced skills in pattern identification, processing, and recognition, One Divide’s philosophy, theory, and practice address Emotional Warfare’s interplay and provide a highly integrative and intuitive meta-perspective and language system that create a conduit for human potential energy to flow toward True Self flourishing and transformation. One Divide’s platform and its application are fully scalable by design — encouraging the emergence of an advanced new human transformation system, sociopolitical science, and writ-large evolutionary wisdom philosophy.

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Intersectionality - One Divide


One Divide’s universal algorithmic information equation: -1 + 1 = 0

This straightforward input/output algorithm illustrates the intersectionality of human conflict and human unity and represents One Divide’s moral imperative — the closing of the One Divide.

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One Divide Method - One Divide

One Divide® Method

True Self Help

The Philosophy of One Divide provides an advanced method and behavior model and innovative True Intent Frame — a philosophical-psychology design that allows for the identification and dissection of the False Self, and the dissection and optimization of the True Self.

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Dual-Transactional Behavior Model - One Divide

Dual-Transactional Behavior Model (DTBM)

One Divide: One universal and unified Method

The same One Divide® Method that is used to understand a person’s own Inward Emotional Warfare (IEW) is applied to the interpersonal, sociological, or sociopolitical realms of the human experience: Outward Emotional Warfare (OEW). This creates the Emotional Warfare Interplay Equation: IEW + OEW = Emotional Warfare Interplay.

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